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Parkside Health Center

Project Type: Renovation

Architect: Equip Studio

Square Footage: 35,000 SF

Parkside Health Center

Transforming Grocery Aisles into Healthcare Hubs: A Healthcare Office Renovation Project

The Parkside Health Center, a joint venture between Parkside Pediatrics and Parkside Family Medicine, is a testament to innovative community revitalization and healthcare delivery. Located in Spartanburg, SC, this project transformed a once-familiar grocery store into a cutting-edge healthcare office complex strategically split to cater to diverse medical needs. One side of the renovated space is meticulously designed for pediatric care, providing a nurturing and colorful environment for the youngest patients. On the additional side, family medicine services are offered, ensuring comprehensive care for all ages.

Central to the design is a playful and interactive playground located in the heart of the facility. This unique feature not only separates the pediatric and family medicine sections but also offers a joyful escape for children, turning wait times into playtime.

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