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Southside Christian School

Case Study

Southside Christian School

From Books to Bench Presses: Caldwell Transforms
Southside Christian School Library into Modern Weight Room


Caldwell Constructors, a trusted partner of Southside Christian School since 2009, undertook a transformative project to enhance the school’s athletic facilities. Having previously completed numerous successful projects ranging from science labs to football stadium upgrades, Caldwell’s latest endeavor focused on renovating a 3,700 SF weight room, aiming to bolster Southside Christian School Athletics, emphasizing character development and teamwork. The project involved transforming the existing library and weight room into a modern training facility, showcasing Caldwell’s commitment to excellence in construction.
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The project faced a pressing deadline, requiring renovations to be completed over the summer break to minimize disruptions to student activities. Managing the schedule and ensuring operational continuity during this critical period posed significant challenges. Additionally, strict budgetary constraints necessitated a strategic approach to deliver high-quality results without exceeding financial limits.

Caldwell Constructors tackled the project head-on by prioritizing clear communication and meticulous planning. Daily meetings with the director of operations provided transparency and reassurance regarding the project’s progress. The team also emphasized assembling the right expertise for the task at hand, ensuring that every member was aligned with the project goals.


Despite the constraints, Caldwell Constructors not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The renovated facility now stands as a beacon of pride at the campus entrance, showcasing the school’s commitment to student athletics. Furthermore, the introduction of a large storefront glass element added an aesthetic touch, fostering a sense of school spirit among students, athletes, families, and alumni. The project’s success underscored Caldwell Constructors’ dedication to delivering exceptional results while surpassing client goals.



“We had the pleasure of collaborating with Caldwell Constructors on the transformation of 215 Trade Street into Cartwright Food Hall, a project that truly captured the essence of our community. Despite encountering delays, Caldwell Constructors demonstrated exemplary budget and schedule management, completing the project under budget in just under 12 months.”
– Cartwright Food Hall