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Parkside Pediatrics

Case Study

Parkside Pediatrics

Lasting Health: Building a Long-Term
Partnership with Parkside Pediatrics


The partnership between Caldwell Constructors and Parkside Pediatrics traces back to a chance meeting between Gary Caldwell and David Martin while working on a project at Greenville Memorial Hospital. This initial encounter set the stage for a robust working relationship. Their collaboration on the hospital project allowed Caldwell Constructors to build a strong rapport with David Martin, which later evolved into a long-term partnership as Parkside Pediatrics was established.

Before After


The formal partnership began in 2014 when Parkside Pediatrics chose Caldwell Constructors to help bring their dreams to life. Tasked with constructing a significant 2-story, 25,000 SF medical office in Verdae, Caldwell Constructors leveraged their extensive expertise in healthcare construction to meet Parkside’s specific needs. The approach was centered around understanding and executing Parkside’s vision of a child-friendly, welcoming environment that embodied their core values of compassion and exceptional pediatric care.


The partnership has been a resounding success, with more than 20 projects completed to date. Each project underlines the strength and reliability of Caldwell Constructors as a partner capable of delivering complex healthcare facilities. The ongoing relationship is marked by mutual respect, continuous dialogue, and shared goals, ensuring that each new venture not only meets but exceeds expectations. The enduring collaboration has not only reinforced Caldwell Constructors’ reputation as a premier builder in the healthcare sector but also supported Parkside Pediatrics in expanding their ability to provide top-notch pediatric care in facilities designed with the well-being of children and families in mind.


SF built for Parkside Pediatrics

David Martin, CEO of Tribe 513 and Parkside Pediatrics, reflected on their partnership, stating, “We’ve worked with you guys for a long time. We really view you (Caldwell Constructors) as a reason for where we are.”


The enduring partnership between Caldwell Constructors and Parkside Pediatrics exemplifies how collaboration rooted in trust, mutual respect, and a shared vision can lead to outstanding outcomes. This alliance has not only facilitated the growth and expansion of Parkside Pediatrics but has also enabled Caldwell Constructors to showcase their proficiency and dedication to creating healthcare environments that prioritize patient care. As they continue to embark on new projects together, the foundation of their relationship strengthens, setting a benchmark for success in the construction and healthcare industries.

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