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Kevin Whitaker Cadillac

Case Study

Kevin Whitaker Cadillac

Efficiency in Action: Caldwell Constructors’ Innovative
Approach for Preserving Resources and Cost Savings


Caldwell Constructors faced a unique challenge when tasked with constructing a new showroom at Kevin Whitaker Cadillac in Greenville. The architectural plans placed the proposed building on the site of an active detention basin, presenting logistical hurdles and potential costs associated with relocating the basin. However, Caldwell’s innovative solution would revolutionize the project’s trajectory.

Before After


Rather than opting for traditional methods involving the costly relocation of the detention basin, Caldwell Constructors proposed an ingenious alternative. Their idea involved constructing the showroom on an elevated concrete slab to encompass the pond within a basement structure. This approach not only preserved the existing detention basin but also eliminated the need for extensive excavation and relocation. Embracing this concept, Caldwell initiated a design/build approach, collaborating with a specialized team to refine the design and ensure its feasibility.


Caldwell Constructors’ innovative design/build approach yielded remarkable results for Kevin Whitaker Cadillac. By sidestepping the need for costly excavation and relocation, the dealership saved over $100,000 in construction expenses. Additionally, preserving the existing pond within the basement structure enabled the dealership to retain its 100+ car inventory, averting disruptions to sales operations. This solution not only demonstrated Caldwell’s commitment to efficiency but also showcased the power of collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking in achieving project success.



Project Information:
24,400 SF
Architect: Christopher Booker & Associates