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BMW Manufacturing Facility

Case Study

BMW Manufacturing Facility

Meeting the Challenge: Completing Extensive
Upgrades on a Tight Schedule


Caldwell Constructors undertook a critical project to upgrade the BMW manufacturing facility, tasked with constructing two 1,000-foot assembly conveying line trenches and multiple equipment foundations within the existing facility. With a tight 35-day deadline and the entire facility scheduled for closure, Caldwell’s efficiency and dedication were put to the test.

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Meticulous planning led to the efficient allocation of resources and labor. Despite the challenging conditions, Caldwell’s team worked tirelessly, with hands-on leadership. Approximately 50% of the concrete workforce was provided by Caldwell, highlighting their commitment to success.


Diligence paid off as Caldwell completed critical work six hours ahead of schedule. Their timely completion of extensive upgrades within the BMW facility showcased their expertise and unwavering dedication. This successful project stands as a testament to Caldwell Constructors’ commitment to excellence in overcoming challenges and meeting client needs with precision and efficiency.



Project Information:
Two 1,000-foot-long assembly conveying line trenches
Two 500-foot-long by 10-foot-deep conveying line trenches
Architect: Lockwood Greene Engineers